Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Episode 001 Recap


Ancient Humans Episode 001 Aired March 6th, 2016, 8pm-10pm EST on Revolution Radio (freedomslips.com) Studio A.

The show was a success even with some dead air and some technical difficulties.  There was no guest scheduled for episode 001. 

Mr. Rho, Revolution Radio host from the show, Rho's Corner, graciously called in to converse with me on the topic of Human history.  We touched on the subject of giants and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Looking forward to next week's scheduled show.  Episode 002 of Ancient Humans will air at the same time slot with no scheduled guest at this time.
Ancient Humans Sundays 8-10pm EST
Ancient Humans is: 
  • Markus Daimeion I, Executive Producer, NNMCP
  • Gavin McCall, Writer / Producer / Host, NNMCP
  • Michelle James, Co-Producer
Special Thanks for helping out with Episode 001:
  • Thomas (Amadpainter), Producer, Technical Support
  • Shanonah and David, Technical Support
  • Revolution Radio station and crew!

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