Monday, March 21, 2016

Episode: 003 "Death Rites" Recap

Aired: 3/20/2016 8-10pm EST
Subject:  Death Rites, Cosmic Eggs
Guests: None.

Read the poem, 'My Mother, My Friend' by Gavin McCall.

Skipped over general news mainly and jumped into the celestial happenings in the next two weeks.
Talked about the first day of Spring, the relevance of eggs to fertility.  The dichotomy of Death Rites during this time.

Death rites, funerals, and the rituals that take place at them.  When was the last time you attended a funeral? Did it put you at ease knowing your loved one is at rest? What were the contents of the ritual that put them to rest?
Cosmic eggs
Tune in next week on Revolution Radio ( Studio A, 8-10pm EST for Ancient Humans with Gavin McCall.  We'll be discussing more death rites, and the topic of the show will be Resurrections.  Throughout the history of mankind and prehistory there have been tales of men and women being raised from the dead.

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