Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last 3 Episodes Recap

We failed to post the last three episodes recaps so here they are:

Episode 4:  Easter

Read the poem "Burning Cold" by yours truly.  Talked about Easter, made an association with Ishtar.  Talked about Resurrection and didn't get to talk much about the Resurrection of Christ because we were unable to make contact with our guest in time. 

Episode 5:  Turkish / Ottoman Empire

Talked a lot about the age of the human race.  Went into an explanation of the Ottoman Empire and the modern day country of Turkey. 

Episode 6:  Authority & Sudan

Read the poem "Omega Aleph" by yours truly.  Talked about fearing the government and the amendments to the constitution.  Listed cosmological recent cosmological events.  Talked some more on the topic of How old is the Human Race?  Studied the country of Sudan and it's prehistoric events.  Examined people throughout the ages that have demonstrated authority.

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