Gavin McCall is the lead investigator of Ancient Humans.

Writer, computer programmer, musician, graphic artist, martial scientist, independent researcher, and creativity engineer, Gavin D. McCall hosts the Ancient Humans radio show as well as juggling several odd and high-tech jobs.

Gavin is an indigo child, aka, wunderkind, and an unsigned guitar player to the American True Heavy Metal band Forever's End.  Gavin has decades of experience working with digital media, news media, and calls himself a love activist.

Gavin is a published poet (Swirling Dervish on Amazon) and practices a scarcely known mysterious martial art called, Pu Chong.

Fascinated with mathematics, philosophy, spiritualism, and the occult, Gavin explores these subjects and more every Sunday 8-10pm EST (7-9pm CDT) on Revolution Radio.

Other shows Gavin has worked on:
  • The Hammer (pilot) True Heavy Metal show (radio)
  • Gavin's Universe - Science Nonfiction (radio)
  • Black Holes Don't Exist (YouTube)